Tulsi Tea - Not Your Ordinary Health Tea

Published: 27th October 2008
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Ever heard of Tulsi Tea? Also known as Sacred or Holy Basil Tea, Tulsi tea is made of Tulsi basil plant that is capable of giving you extraordinary health benefits such as:

- Helps promote your respiratory system health

- Supports your healthy vision

- Gives you antioxidant protection against free radicals

- Helps you alleviate minor discomfort and irritation

- Provides you with a calming effect and relief from occasional stress

- Helps bolster your immune system

- May even give your stamina a boost

And so much more. Check out http://products.mercola.com/tulsi-tea for the complete list of Tulsi Tea benefits.

In India, the Tulsi herb has been widely known for its health-promoting properties -- for body, mind, and spirit for over 5000 years. Today, Indians worship Tulsi as a sacred plant. It is a part of Indian households, typically grown in earthen pots in the family home or garden.

The primary health benefit of Tulsi Tea is that it is an adoptogen - is a non-toxic substance that will increase your resistance to stress, anxiety and to trauma. It pushes your body towards health. This is in fact the best alternative to coffee in India and is caffeine-free.

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